Are Full Face Snorkel Masks Safe?


As more and more full-face snorkel masks are released into the market, more deaths are being reported. Some of these snorkel masks are really expensive while others are very cheap which raises a question of the quality you get. It is believed that the longer you have these masks on, the more full face CO2 buildup you have in there. This then makes you feel like you can't breathe. Some people have been said to have died due to this.

Snorkel masks are supposed to be used while floating on water and not deep water swimming. While you are floating on water with the snorkel mask on, you can comfortably see the fishes and the beautiful marine life. Some people have used these masks for deep sea diving and even for swim practice which is not the intended purpose of the masks.

When we breathe out, we produce CO. the more we breathe in and out, the more CO2 is produced. When this is done in an enclosed space, there is no oxygen replacing the CO2 which means that when the oxygen is depleted, you cannot breathe as you should. This is what happens when you have a full-face snorkel mask on for a long time. There is no oxygen getting in but the CO2 is kind of closed in there. It becomes toxic and you start gasping for air which gets you exhausted and you might faint. This is dangerous especially when you are all alone because you can die.

The good news is that there are full-face masks that are safe. Because of the trend, some manufacturers have made something much better. The nose and mouth area of the mask is separated and there is a tube that lets in fresh air. The bad air doesn't also get out and you are safe using these full-face snorkel masks.

When buying your mask, avoid those cheap options you have. These will only risk your life because you will find that there are some things that are not fixed properly. You might find that air might be leaking into the wrong parts which makes it unstable.

One thing you should have in mind is that these full face safe masks are only meant to be used when you are snorkeling and relaxed at that. You are not supposed to be diving and swimming with these on because you will risk your life. The mask needs to perfectly fit your face in a way that the breathing part fits over your nose and mouth.

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